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VL Series IP PBX
VoLANs VL series IP PBXs are all-in-one solution especially designed to meet the various needs of SMEs and to enable VoIP service providers to quickly and cost-effectively launch basic business VoIP services.
VL series provides an effective and complete communications solution for cost-conscious companies. It improves productivity and enhances customer care, while reducing capital expenses and operating costs.
VL series is a communication system that integrates two essential business operations into one simple system: a feature-rich telephony system and a robust data network system.
The system provides enterprise-class features, such as custom call routing, various call services, remote user access and site-to-site connectivity. It also supports remote users and you can connect multiple VL series IP PBXs to create one telephony system across multiple sites with VPN mechanism.
Various PBX Features
VL series provides basic PBX features such as hold, call transfer, call forwarding, call parking, music on hold, threeway call. And it also offers advanced PBX features, which include voicemail, conference call, IVR, call recording, PBX-to-PBX connectivity and so on.
For the customers who want to take advantage of the benefits of VoIP and have to keep their existing phone lines, the VL series must be the best solution because it satisfies such needs as an all-in-one box. FXO interfaces on VL series proves its high stability by delivering seamless communication via PSTN lines in cases of sudden interruption on IP network.
VL series provides VoIP security through SIPS/SRTP protocol implementation, and can control various kind of access by ACL mechanism. It also offers DDoS protection function, and supports PBX-to-PBX interoperability through VPN connection.
Administrator can configure the system via WEB management interface, which supports multiple languages. Through the WEB manager, administrator can do S/W upgrade and configuration backup/restore and lots of tasks easily.
VL series saves system event and call logs separately on runtime, and administrator can check the logs via the WEB manager at any time.
Models Comparison
  VoSS12 VoSS25 VL2000 VL3000
Form Factor Desktop Desktop 1 RU 1 RU
Memory 256 MB 256 MB 512 MB 4 GB
Disk 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB 2.5 inch SSD
Ethernet 2 ports (10/100 Mbps) 2 ports (10/100 Mbps) 2 ports (10/100/1000 Mbps) 2 ports (10/100/1000 Mbps)
Analog Fixed, RJ11
FXO: 2 port
FXS: 2 port
Fixed, RJ11
FXO: 3 ports
FXS: 3 ports
4 Slots(FXO/FXS shared), RJ11
FXO: up to 32 ports
FXS: up to 32 ports
3 Slots(FXO/FXS shared), RJ11
FXO: up to 24 ports
FXS: up to 24 ports
Power DC 12V DC 12V AC 220V AC 220V
Max. Subscribers 12 50 300 2000
Max. Concurrent Call 5 5 80 300
Max. Call Per Second 1 CPS 1 CPS 5 CPS 30 CPS
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