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VL1100 - IP PBX for SME

VL1100 is IP PBX aimed for from small to medium sized enterprises. This model supports up to 100 subscribers and 32 concurrent calls.

It offers various advanced features such as IVR, Voicemail, Conference, BLF as well as all the functions of a traditional PBX like Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Pickup and Call Forwarding. With VL1100, you will be able to reduce the communication costs, increase productivity, and enhance collaboration efficiency at dramatically high rates.

VL1100 has four I/O slots and each slot can be plugged in with one of three types of I/O modules, 8FXO, 8FXS, and 4FXO/4FXS combo. Therefore, it will save the VoIP adaptation costs by allowing to select right module according to the company size.

Key Features
Category Feature
Basic PBX Features • Call Hold/Unhold
• Call Transfer (Blind/Attended)
• Call Forwarding (Always/Busy/No-Answer/Error/Time-Based)
• Call Pickup (Direct/Group)
• Call Park/Unpark
• Intercom (Direct/Group)
• Three-way Call
• Music on Hold
• Music on Ringback
• Group Ringing (Hunt/Circular-Hunt/Ring-All/Random)
• Distinctive Ringing
• DTMF Relay (in-audio/rfc2833/SIP Info)
• Flexible Dialplan
• SIP Trunking
• FXO backup (in case VSP is unavailable)
• Call Screening
• Virtual Caller ID
• Anonymous Caller ID
• Phonebook
Advanced PBX Features • Voicemail (with e-mail forwarding)
• Message Waiting Indication
• Conference
• Call Recording
• Feature Code
• SIP Messaging & Presence
• PBX-to-PBX interoperability
Security • ACL
• DDoS Protection
• SIP DDoS Protection
• PBX-to-PBX interoperability thru VPN connection
FXO • LEC (G.168)
• Caller ID Detection
• Call Progress Tone Detection
• DTMF Generation & Detection
• Packet Loss Concealment
• Adaptive Jitter Buffer
• Dynamic Payload Support
• Adjustable Audio Frames per Packet
FXS • Battery Feeding for Analog Telephone
• Ringing Signal up to 3 LEN
• Type I/II FSK Caller ID Generation & Detection
• Call Progress Tone Generation
• DTMF Generation & Detection
• FAX: T.30 Receiving (only with e-mail forwarding)
• Configurable Tip/Ring impedance
• Hook Flash Signaling
Management • System Configuration via WEB Manager
• Multi-Language Support (Korean/English/Turkish)
• Password Protection
• Configuration Backup/Restore thru WEB/FTP
• S/W Upgrade from Remote Place
• Direct Phone Management thru WEB
• IP-Phone Auto Provision
• Event Log
• Call Log
• SNMPv2
Category Description
H/W • CPU: Embedded 64bit Network Processor
• Main Memory: 256MByte DDR2 - SDRAM
• Storage: 2GByte Flash Disk
Network Interfaces • Ethernet: 2 Ports (100/1000Mbps)
• PSTN: up to 32 Ports(4 FXO Boards)
• Analog Telephone Interface: up to 32 Ports(4 FXS Boards)
Other Interfaces • LED Status Indicators
• AC 220V Power Connector
• Earth Connector
• Restore Factory Defaults Button
Power Consumption • Max. Operational Power Consumption: 240 W
Cooling Fan • 3 DC Fans
• RPM: 4000, Air Flow: 4,480 CFM
Battery for withstanding instant Power Fail • 1.2V x 5 x 350mAH, NiMH
Physical • Dimensions: 440(W) x 430(D) x 45(H) mm
• Weight: 5.5Kg (without Cables)
System Capacity • Max. Extensions: 100 Subscribers
• Max. Concurrent Call: 32
• Max. Call Per Second: 5
• CDR Database: up to 20MByte records
Ethernet Interface • WAN/LAN: 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T complying IEEE 802.3 Standards, supports Auto-Negotiation
• RJ45 Connector: Ethernet packets over CAT5-UTP cable
PSTN Interface • 2 Pin(Tip-Ring) RJ11 Connector for each PSTN port
• Up to 3KV Line Isolation and Surge Protection
• TX power of up to +10 dBm into 600Ohm
• Ringing Detection
• CID Monitoring and Detection
• Parallel Phone Detection
Environmental • Operating Temperature: 0C ~ 40C
• Operating Humidity: 20% ~ 80% RH
• Storage Temperature: -20C ~ 60C
• Storage Humidity: 20% ~ 95% RH
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